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  • Qualitative guarantee service and watch repair are important things to consider when making a purchase. We take care of our clients and aim that you get highest class service not only by time of purchase but as owner of watch, too. Precise movement, sapphire glass, hermetic case – the repair of watch can be trusted to high-qualified watchmakers who are familiar with structure of each model and possess huge practical experience. Our specialists of service centre “LAIKS” will help to solve any problem connected to guarantee and after-guarantee service of your watch.

    Costs for service of “LAIKS” service centre watchmakers depend on how complicated repair is necessary in particular case. In the meantime, prices remain affordable.

    Watch maintenance within the guarantee term:

    When turning to service centre, it is obligatory to submit the check and duly filled guarantee card!Please note that the guarantee term is determined for any watch purchased in “LAIKS” stores. Guarantee term and its conditions are pointed out in accompanying documentation.

    In service centre “LAIKS” are offered following paid services:

    -repair of all watch brands’ watches (if spare parts are available);

    -battery replacement for quartz watches;

    -ultrasound washing and cleaning of watch bands and cases;

    -demagnetization of watch.

    Adjustment of mechanical watches’ accuracy In case if especially complicated repair is required, the watch can be sent for repair to Switzerland to its origin manufactory.


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