• In which shop, can by this this model?

      To find out in which store ‘’Laiks’’ are product would you like, just need to look at the model card,

      clicking on the "Availability in store" button. If you see button ‘’In Stock’’ pay attention to which store she is available. You always can call in store or online-store, to make sure how product is in the store. All phone numbers and addresses are written in the LAIKS Stores section.

    • How long time, will take delivery? On average, intercity orders, delivered from 3 to 5 business days. At your e-mail will come notification, where will be indicated number and date of sending. On the sender's website by number, you can easily track the route and sending time of your order.
    • What I need to contact the service center? Guarantee  card with data on the product (date, seller's signature, buyer's signature, stamp, model number).
    • Where can I buy a belt (case, buckle, glass, etc.)? To order accessories, please contact the LAIKS service center, phone numbers and addresses are written in the accompanying documentation for the watch and on our website in the Service Center section. But, in our retail stores there are quality straps with standard lug sizes.
    • You do engraving or application? This option is not available in our store.
    • What I should do, if the bracelet is too big for my wrist?

      At the LAIKS service center skip the line and inexpensive, adjust metal bracelets exactly on your wrist,

      by removing a couple of extra elements. In the absence of qualifications and appropriate tools, we not recommend doing this yourself. Recommendation: save extra elements, in case you have to replace the broken ones later. It is much easier and cheaper, than ordering new ones. You also can increase the size of the bracelet using extra elements, if you want to wear it more freely, in the future. The best storage place for your bracelet elements is in the watch box - together with the instruction of manual.  

      * From 1 September 2021, the service for shortening the bracelet and and replacement of the strap is paid. Specify prices at the LAIKS service center.

    If you have not found the answers to your questions, please write to us at [email protected] !